Pre-Conception checklist for guys…

We’re not ready to start trying just yet, but we probably will be within the next month. I thought I’d do a run down of the preconception tips the American Pregnancy Association provides and see what I could do to get my body prepared.

You can see their full list here.

1. Make an appointment with your doctor. Me: Not yet and unsure how necessary that is?

2. Don’t take steroids, various ulcer medication, or radiation therapy. Me: No worries here!

3. Be aware of hazards in your work environment. Me: I think my office cube is pretty safe.

4. Be in the proper weight range and eat healthy foods high in zinc and selenium. Me: Eating Paleo/Primal so I should be set, but I could work on the sleep part! 🙂

5. Avoid alcohol, smoking, and other illicit substances. Me: Only an occasional drinker and I’ve always said no to drugs.

6. Keep the jewels cool and jostle free. Me: TMI haha

Hopefully if I get my weight down a little bit, continue eating healthy, getting more rest, and avoid bike riding I should be as ready as I’ll ever be. Probably over thinking this, but I’ve always been a bit of a planner. Hope you found it interesting! I certainly didn’t realize all the things guys could do to try and make sure their fertility level was on the up and up.


2 responses to “Pre-Conception checklist for guys…

  1. October is in 2 weeks,FYI. ❤

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