Let’s time travel….

This was written back in October 2011! I figured I would post it now to get everyone up to speed. I plan on getting more posts up. It’s not for lack of thoughts popping into my brain, just having the time and motivation to sit down and type them out!

I think of how I have been neglecting this blog and its many (harhar) loyal subscribers and it makes me mom-sad. Well, technically not “mom-sad” since I’m a dude, but I just read that on a different blog for the first time yesterday and I thought it was super witty. I’m sorry for the prolonged absence but we’ve *ahem* been a little busy.

Here’s a 60 second recap of the last month or so:

1. Received Dyson vacuum and proceeded to use it on every nook and cranny of the apartment. We were duly impressed by its awesome sucking ability and thoroughly satisfied by the purchase.

2. Work, slept, ate (too much) at various times and not in that exact order.

3. Found a wonderfully priced townhome and proceeded to put an offer on it that was accepted (closing in December)! Hurray for not throwing money away in rent every month!(Sidenote: Buying a home is stressful)

4. Last and most certainly not least – My wife is officially PREGNANT!

So, as you can gather from the recap things have been a little hectic around here and at times overwhelming. We have been so excited to be moving into the new house. The price is incredible, mortgage rate is excellent, and hopefully everything goes smoothly. But that level of excitement has just been seriously topped this morning by my wife informing me that the hpt was positive! We started trying this month and were fully prepared to have it take awhile. To say we feel totally blessed and beyond fortunate is an understatement of ginormous proportions. I’m cycling between wanting the beautiful healthy baby to be here *rightthisverysecond* and feeling like there isn’t enough time to prepare!!


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