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Another thing that has been news for awhile, but never ceases to make me smile. We’re having a beautiful baby girl and I’m so thrilled. Oh, there is definitely  a little piece of me that is worried about raising a girl because well I’ve never been one. But I have no doubts about my ability to love and protect that little angel. It’s so fitting because ever since we got our pup Lorna Doone a few short years ago I have used the “my girls” comment and now I won’t have to change that! My wife and I are so grateful that little BabyO has been healthy and growing right on track. The pics are a slideshow of the 8 week, 23 week, and 3D ultrasound. Isn’t she beautiful?! We can’t wait to meet her in July!


One response to “Itsa…..

  1. These pictures just make me smile. A sweet baby girl is such a wonderful joy. Congratulations!

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