Our first fur born…

This baby growing inside my wife will be our first child, but not our first daughter. You see we already have a little female princess fluff ball living in our home and our hearts. Growing up I had a dog, but my wife didn’t have get that experience. There is just something magical about a kid and their dog. The devotion and love they share is very different and special. She always longed for that bond and the day of her graduation from college she set out to add a new member to our family. I had some reservations about the timing, amount of training a puppy needs, among other things, but who was I to stand in her way? She had worked hard in school and had been waiting her whole life to find her own furry googly eyed puppy. So we delved into the search for the perfect dog, researching breeds, training info etc. Then one day at a dog show we met Boo. A striking 6 month old red Shiba Inu puppy she exuded cuteness and poise. Already trained and house-broken she dashed all my concerns to pieces. Very cautiously she walked over and put her paws on my knees, shivering with nervousness and excitement the whole time. Looking right into my eyes she seemed to say if you love me I will be the best dog you could ever hope for.

If only that had been true…

It turns out she was a total con artist because when we finally brought her home she was a fiery ball of attitude and destruction. We renamed her “Destroyer of worlds” and tried to ride out the nutso puppy phase without losing our minds and the entire security deposit on our apartment. Through patience, lots of trips to the local dog park, and tons of love she has finally matured into a sweet and only partially bonkers dog. She has been a joy to our entire family. When we visit they usually utter something along the lines of “Oh hi Boo! I missed you!” before anything else. Boo’s one flaw is jealously. She tends to get very upset when we give other people, other dogs, and even each other affection. Case in point: When things uhm “happen” in the bedroom she goes and finds the nearest thing she can to destroy. Typically and disgustingly she would choose some tissues and or q-tips of the already used variety. Bleh! Although she definitely has some jealous moments she has been very sweet to my youngest niece who totally adores my wife. We are hoping there won’t be too many “upset destructo mode” puppy moments when the baby arrives.

Did any of you have pets that found there way into your hearts prior to having kids? How did they handle adding a new bundle of joy to the family?

So majestic! She loves climbing.

She also loves ice cream!

She’ so sweet!

But also vicious!


2 responses to “Our first fur born…

  1. We had a dog for 6 years before we started having children. Our dog was very good with our kids. Sadly, Fredi is no longer with us.

  2. We have been contemplating getting a dog… not only for us but for the Kid… he loves dogs.

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