My current level of experience with cloth diapers…

Well that would be a big fat O. The old zippo, nada, haven’t seen, touched, smelled and certainly haven’t changed one in my life. Now, I could say that about disposables too, but at least I have some experience throwing things in the garbage bin. I think when my wife mentioned she wanted to cloth diaper our future baby(ies) I probably looked at her like she had three heads and silently hoped that this too shall pass. However, being the forward thinking eco-concious guy that I am I started to look into the mysterious beast that is cloth diapering.

Hmm…less waste in our landfills, more breathable thus better for babies skin, no chemicals and a cost savings when you spread the use over multiple kids. This could be promising! Still…how do you put them on? Do they have some sort of built in self attaching mechanism? And oh God what do you do with the “stuff” once it is in there? For as many questions that I answered there was still a host of perceived challenges that left me doubting if this was something I could do. However, I kept digging and the more I familiarized myself with the types of cloth diapers, the methods of pinning (and Snappis!), and washing routines I slowly came around to the idea.

At first I figured I would only be okay with using some sort of all-in-one system where the waterproof cover and inner lining are sewn together. You basically remove the dirty diaper, throw it in the wet bag, and then snap a new clean diaper on. Then when I read about how AIOs can take longer to dry, I started thinking maybe a cloth fitted diaper with a Snappi (y shaped diaper closure) and a waterproof cover would work better. Lately I’ve been quite taken with the idea of prefolds. The simplicity and versatility of the prefolds really appeal to me. This is all in the abstract since our girl isn’t due until July. I’m sure we will end up with a mixture of various types until we settle on what works best for us and our baby.

Don’t get me wrong I am still not 100% comfortable with all aspects of cloth diapering. Pins scare the bejesus out of me, and dunking something in the toilet prior to washing? Seriously? Bleeding and sanitary concerns aside I do firmly think that the benefits outweigh the negatives. Just check back with me on that lets say around the end of July when I will probably be knee deep in poopy diapers, drenched with toilet bowl water, and bleeding from my finger tips. 😉

Do any of you cloth diaper? Any tips or preferences to share? Were you or your spouse initially resistant to using cloth instead of disposables?


8 responses to “My current level of experience with cloth diapers…

  1. I didn’t do it but Crappy Parenting with Pictures does and I think has a link to it on her blog. They sound easy. I didn’t think they use pins anymore. My mom had so many horror stories of letting go when she flushed that I just didn’t take that route, even though I always felt horrible about filling the landfills. Good luck! ; )

    • I’ll check out the blog you mentioned. I totally understand why anyone would be hesitant to try it. Especially after hearing the stories your mom told!

  2. We used disposable.

    One set of our friends used cloth except when they went out or travelled.

    Another set used cloth but found it a lot of work and ended up switching to disposable.

    There are arguments that cloth is just as bad because of all the soap and water used but I’m sure in the end cloth is the greener choice.

    I always say the decision you make is the best decision and if it’s not then you learn and make a new decision.

    • We have had some frends start with cloth and then switch out. It certainly doesn’t work for everyone/every family. My wife’s mom cloth diapered exclusively with her youngest and so at least she has a good bit of exposure to the process. I really like your saying about decision making. Definitely rings true!

  3. We use cloth and LOVE IT! I believe I wrote about it twice if you want the links. We use disposables when we travel.

    I was the same way as you were. The Wife wanted to cloth diaper our baby and she had to show me how they worked before I was convinced.

    • Awesome! Always nice to find another cloth diapering dad/family. I’ll check your blog for the posts, but if you have time to link them that would be great.

  4. Kevin of SportsDadHub

    (This isn’t my usual comment topic, so bear w/ me. When I read this post, I had to share something.)  My youngest will turn 5 in a few days, so our diaper days are well behind us. (Yessss!) Even when we used diapers, we used disposable. So I can’t speak from experience, but My best friend & his wife have 2 little ones & rave about cloth diapers. My buddy’s wife is such a fanatic that she actually started making her own. Her diapers ended up being really popular w/ friends, so she started selling them. Her website is: I have no clue if they’re any good or not, or how the price compares, but she has some pretty neat designs (my wife calls them “cute”), so I thought I’d pass on the info. Hopefully it can benefit you both! Good luck.

    • Hey Kevin. Congrats on being done with diapers! I think they will be a large part of my future for some time to come. I really appreciate the link. I’ll definitely check out her diapers as it is always good to have more options. Hope you have a great weekend and thanks for the comment!

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