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Let’s time travel….

This was written back in October 2011! I figured I would post it now to get everyone up to speed. I plan on getting more posts up. It’s not for lack of thoughts popping into my brain, just having the time and motivation to sit down and type them out!

I think of how I have been neglecting this blog and its many (harhar) loyal subscribers and it makes me mom-sad. Well, technically not “mom-sad” since I’m a dude, but I just read that on a different blog for the first time yesterday and I thought it was super witty. I’m sorry for the prolonged absence but we’ve *ahem* been a little busy.

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Pre-Conception checklist for guys…

We’re not ready to start trying just yet, but we probably will be within the next month. I thought I’d do a run down of the preconception tips the American Pregnancy Association provides and see what I could do to get my body prepared.

You can see their full list here.

1. Make an appointment with your doctor. Me: Not yet and unsure how necessary that is?

2. Don’t take steroids, various ulcer medication, or radiation therapy. Me: No worries here!

3. Be aware of hazards in your work environment. Me: I think my office cube is pretty safe.

4. Be in the proper weight range and eat healthy foods high in zinc and selenium. Me: Eating Paleo/Primal so I should be set, but I could work on the sleep part! 🙂

5. Avoid alcohol, smoking, and other illicit substances. Me: Only an occasional drinker and I’ve always said no to drugs.

6. Keep the jewels cool and jostle free. Me: TMI haha

Hopefully if I get my weight down a little bit, continue eating healthy, getting more rest, and avoid bike riding I should be as ready as I’ll ever be. Probably over thinking this, but I’ve always been a bit of a planner. Hope you found it interesting! I certainly didn’t realize all the things guys could do to try and make sure their fertility level was on the up and up.

Primal lifestyle

I want to be healthy for my family. I want to be able to keep up with my kids as they and I get older. Through some experimenting in my diet I have found that the Paleo/Primal approach works really well for me. Basically it involves eating lean meat, vegetables, and fruit as unprocessed as you can get them and trying to limit your carb intake. For more info I’d highly recommend you check out Mark’s Daily Apple by clicking here or going to my Links page.

Some expert resources on conception suggest that being at an ideal weight and eating healthy foods rich in zinc can help you be at your most fertile. So I should hopefully be all set in that department for when we start trying to get pregnant! The diet definitely has its shortcomings. You won’t be able to just pick up dinner on the fly from a fast food place when you are running short on time. No unhealthy and easily obtainable snacks either like chips, cookies, and the like. The benefits for me generally outweigh the drawbacks any day of the week. I have more energy, my body naturally/easily sheds excess fat, and I just plain feel better about myself.

We have been trying to get in the habit of making large healthy meals over the weekend that can be packed up and reheated for dinners during the week. On Sunday I made a delicious Lemon Garlic Chicken recipe! Here’s the link to the recipe and a photo of my finished chicken is below. I followed the recipe exactly except for using skinless chicken breasts (couldn’t find skin on) and subbing fresh thyme for dried. Since the chicken breasts were a little large I increased the baking time to 50mins. They came out juicy and perfectly done. The sauce was very tart (but delicious) when hot out of the oven. After the next day it had mellowed out considerably and was even more tasty imo. 🙂 I served it with a side of steamed broccoli but carrots, or cauliflower would have been delicious as well!