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Hell must be when the Devil makes you paint Heaven

That’s what my wife said after about 7 hours of painting our bedroom yesterday. I quipped back, “Yeah, he probably makes you paint the pearly gates!”

After waking up early we somehow managed to not get painting until around noon. We did stop at our favorite local diner for breakfast. It’s one of those places where the waitress knows your name and order. Well, she knows my wife’s name. For some reason I am just “hun”. Anywayyy after stocking up on delicious home fries, pancakes, and coffee (decaf for Roo!) we got home and started getting ready to paint. This was pretty much the first room we have ever painted and lets just say that there is a definite learning curve. Eventually we got the hang of it and/or lowered our standard of perfection down a few (okay a lot) of notches. Once the first coat was on the wall we reveled in our awesomeness before collapsing on the floor. Notice I said..first….coat. Le sigh. Coat number two starts today and I am definitely less than thrilled. Hopefully it will go quicker than yesterday and we can get wrapped up by the middle of the afternoon.

Here’s a pic of the completed first coat:

And Boo hated being shut out of the room all day. She showed her displeasure by whining incessantly at the door and then apparently sneaking off to do this:

Okay, enough procrastinating. Time to begin round 2 of the master bedroom paint-a-thon! Wish us luck!


A clean home is a happy home…

Ooo shiny!

I need to come clean here. I’m a sucker for gadgets and that includes home appliances. 🙂 We were heading to bed last night when I got an email alert on my phone. I said out loud, “It’s probably just alerting me to the deal of the day…” I sighed as I got up to go check, I’m a slave to my email account fyi. Low and behold a very cool looking refurbished Dyson DC14 All Floors vacuum! I animatedly told my wife about the great deal and showed her the very cool Cyan color. We researched pricing and found that it was about $50 to $80 less than Overstock and Dyson’s website. It carries a 6mo warranty from Dyson which was also a plus. The reviews on various sites were overall positive. Our old Hoover has served us well for a number of years now, but with a baby on the way soon we have realized its cleaning power is less than adequate. So….we bought one!! Hopefully it works out. I’ll be sure to update y’all once we receive it and put it to use.

Here’s a link to the deal:

If you’ve never been to Woot before they have great daily deals. The item will be up for 24hrs of until it sells out. They also have shirt.woot, kids.woot, wine.woot, and sellout.woot. I’ve bought a number of items from them over the years and have been very satisfied with their service.