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I’m tired of being thrown under the bus…

I’m relatively new to this dad blogging thing and maybe this topic has been covered before, but it is one that I really don’t understand. It seems like the ratio of “you better not say this to your wife”, “things dads should be doing”, or “dumb things dads have said in the delivery room” articles and blog posts ¬†greatly outnumber the ones that men are publishing about their female counterparts. Maybe it is because they truly are our better halves so we have less to complain about or perhaps it’s because we as men are wired to not vocalize any complaints that come to mind. Regardless of the reason I find these tirades berating men to be extremely tiresome and overall damaging to the guys that these women are supposed to love and support.

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Our first fur born…

This baby growing inside my wife will be our first child, but not our first daughter. You see we already have a little female princess fluff ball living in our home and our hearts. Growing up I had a dog, but my wife didn’t have get that experience. There is just something magical about a kid and their dog. The devotion and love they share is very different and special. She always longed for that bond and the day of her graduation from college she set out to add a new member to our family. I had some reservations about the timing, amount of training a puppy needs, among other things, but who was I to stand in her way? She had worked hard in school and had been waiting her whole life to find her own furry googly eyed puppy. So we delved into the search for the perfect dog, researching breeds, training info etc. Then one day at a dog show we met Boo. A striking 6 month old red Shiba Inu puppy she exuded cuteness and poise. Already trained and house-broken she dashed all my concerns to pieces. Very cautiously she walked over and put her paws on my knees, shivering with nervousness and excitement the whole time. Looking right into my eyes she seemed to say if you love me I will be the best dog you could ever hope for.

If only that had been true…

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Updated the About and Photos Pages

Just a quick blurb to let you all know I updated the About and Photos Pages!



Hell must be when the Devil makes you paint Heaven

That’s what my wife said after about 7 hours of painting our bedroom yesterday. I quipped back, “Yeah, he probably makes you paint the pearly gates!”

After waking up early we somehow managed to not get painting until around noon. We did stop at our favorite local diner for breakfast. It’s one of those places where the waitress knows your name and order. Well, she knows my wife’s name. For some reason I am just “hun”. Anywayyy after stocking up on delicious home fries, pancakes, and coffee (decaf for Roo!) we got home and started getting ready to paint. This was pretty much the first room we have ever painted and lets just say that there is a definite learning curve. Eventually we got the hang of it and/or lowered our standard of perfection down a few (okay a lot) of notches. Once the first coat was on the wall we reveled in our awesomeness before collapsing on the floor. Notice I said..first….coat. Le sigh. Coat number two starts today and I am definitely less than thrilled. Hopefully it will go quicker than yesterday and we can get wrapped up by the middle of the afternoon.

Here’s a pic of the completed first coat:

And Boo hated being shut out of the room all day. She showed her displeasure by whining incessantly at the door and then apparently sneaking off to do this:

Okay, enough procrastinating. Time to begin round 2 of the master bedroom paint-a-thon! Wish us luck!