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Pre-Conception checklist for guys…

We’re not ready to start trying just yet, but we probably will be within the next month. I thought I’d do a run down of the preconception tips the American Pregnancy Association provides and see what I could do to get my body prepared.

You can see their full list here.

1. Make an appointment with your doctor. Me: Not yet and unsure how necessary that is?

2. Don’t take steroids, various ulcer medication, or radiation therapy. Me: No worries here!

3. Be aware of hazards in your work environment. Me: I think my office cube is pretty safe.

4. Be in the proper weight range and eat healthy foods high in zinc and selenium. Me: Eating Paleo/Primal so I should be set, but I could work on the sleep part! 🙂

5. Avoid alcohol, smoking, and other illicit substances. Me: Only an occasional drinker and I’ve always said no to drugs.

6. Keep the jewels cool and jostle free. Me: TMI haha

Hopefully if I get my weight down a little bit, continue eating healthy, getting more rest, and avoid bike riding I should be as ready as I’ll ever be. Probably over thinking this, but I’ve always been a bit of a planner. Hope you found it interesting! I certainly didn’t realize all the things guys could do to try and make sure their fertility level was on the up and up.


PregnancyWeekly: Fathers Wired to Care for Babies Too

Pregnancy Blog – For All Your Pregnancy Things by PregnancyWeekly: Fathers Wired to Care for Babies Too.

My wife just emailed me the link to this interesting article. Researchers at Northwestern found that men’s testosterone levels decrease after they become fathers. It demonstrates that physiological changes during parenthood are not limited to new mothers alone! Lower testosterone levels are thought to aide in increasing the ability to nurture your offspring and also may provide protection against some chronic diseases.

Above is the Pregnancy Weekly post and for a more in depth article click here to go to Science Daily’s report.