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How Michael Buble and Nick Jonas sum up my feelings about Baby O

My wife and I really enjoy the TV series “Smash” on NBC. It is basically about the Broadway theater and how musicals get into production. During one episode Nick Jonas guest stars and sings Michael Buble’s song “Haven’t met you yet”. I recently purchased it on iTunes and as I was listening I realized some of the lyrics really resonated with me and kind of explained how I feel about our daughter.

This part kind of reminds me of when Roo and I were trying to decide if now was the right time to start a family. And then also of the process of trying to get pregnant.

“I might have to wait, I’ll never give up
I guess it’s half timing and the other half’s luck
Wherever you are, whenever it’s right
You’ll come outta nowhere and into my life”

These two snippets definitely speak to the impact I feel like she will have on my life. Both her love and the simple yet huge fact of becoming a father to her will change me for the better.

“And I know that we can be so amazing
And baby your love is gonna change me/

And I know that we can be so amazing
And being in your life is gonna change me”

Finally, this last section of the song always makes me smile. Because no matter what happens and how much work you have to put in everything will always work out. And of course the “I just haven’t met you yet” part is so true. I can’t wait to meet you and sing this song to you little girl.

“Oh you know it’ll all turn out
And you’ll make me work so we can work to work it out
And promise you kid to give so much more than I get yeah
I just haven’t met you yet”

Here’s a video clip of Nick Jonas singing “Haven’t met you yet” by Michael Buble for your listening pleasure. 🙂